Senior Instructor & Corporate Events Manager


Golfing Qualifications & Achievements

• Fellow PGA Golf Professional
• Today’s Golfer Magazine ‘Top 50 UK Golf Coach’
• Authorised Instructor of the Golfing Machine – GSEB
• Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Fitness Instructor
• TrackMan Professional – Level 1 & 2
• BodiTrak Golf Ground Mechanics Certified
• BioSwing Dynamics Certified
• Aimpoint Express Green Reading – Level 1 & 2
• Scott Cowx Certified
• UKCC Golf Coach – Level 1 & 2
• PGA Putting Instructor Certified by Frankly Golf
• BTEC Sports Science Diploma (Applied to Golf)
• PGA Golf Management Certificate
• DBS / Safeguarding & Protecting Children Certified
• Certified SafeGolf Coach


Steve offers the opportunity for golfers to experience personalised development. He uniquely tailors his instruction for the individual needs of players, providing the necessary framework for technical and skill development in all areas of the game. He supports his customers throughout their learning experience, providing structure and knowledge in order to maximise a player’s performance.

His instruction boasts many of the game’s most cutting-edge technologies, but prides himself on delivering instruction in the simplest way possible, whist ensuring golfers fully understand their task. His technologies and training aids provide a perspective which reveal clarity and direction for his clients.

What Is Included?

Steve believes it’s vital to work with players on developing key areas of their game, this includes putting, chipping, pitching, approach play, tee shots, bunkers and much more, fully utilising the facilities at 3 Hammers Golf Complex.

In lessons Steve implements his ethos of ‘why guess when you can measure’. As a result, each student is measured on TrackMan throughout their training. He also makes available a BodiTrak pressure mat, HackMotion 3D wrist analysis, 3D analysis and much more, all stored on a personal CoachNow+ account for his clients. Ensuring a structured, measurable and enjoyable golf improvement experience.

Why Steve?

His unique philosophy and the lesson experience he implements has been sculpted by Steve’s desire to learn from many of the game’s leading instructors. His dedication to his continued development has resulted in recognition as one of the UK’s leading young golf instructors with his inclusion in ‘Today’s Golfer Top 50 Golf Teachers’ list as of 2020 with frequent articles published in their magazine.

Steve prides himself on providing a superb environment to improve player’s performance, regardless of their ability level. His customers can explore all areas of the game, discovering where they can make improvements and set out a clear plan of action. He’ll support them every step of the way with a philosophy that aims to offer the best chance to achieve success.

Steve Thomas


Take a look at my video to see what I specialise in here at 3 Hammers Golf Academy.

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60 Minute Golf Lesson


Trackman® 3E in every Lesson

BodiTrak pressure mat – ground force reaction analysis

Hackmotion 3D analysis

Live high speed video analysis in every session

Use of our Coaching Bay on the practice range

Use of the Academy Indoor Performance Studio

Lesson notes sent to your email with screencast

Golf balls included


120 Minute Golf Lesson


Trackman® 3E in every Lesson

BodiTrak pressure mat – ground force reaction analysis

Hackmotion 3D analysis

Live high speed video analysis in every session

Use of our Coaching Bay on the practice range

Use of the Academy Indoor Performance Studio

Lesson notes sent to your email with screencast.

Golf balls included.



60 Minute New Student Consultation (one time use)

Steve compiles a player profile so he can understand everything he needs to know to be able to help you.
He set goals so you can create a clear understanding of what you want to achieve.

​​Create a basic action plan that we can work toward completing.

Complete a Rate my game questionnaire to work out how you feel about different areas of your golf performance​.

​Start the improvement process by experiencing a short golf lesson to give you something to go away and practice.

​Steve discusses your needs and how we can meet them. You can ask questions to get peace of mind that you’re in the right hands with Steve.

Personal CoachNow account – A golf communication and analysis platform​

Discover which lesson programme option best suits you.



Find out more about Steves online lessons by clicking the button and emailing Steve. An initial consultation followed by just £49 a lesson with Steve on the CoachNow platform.

caochnow golf software

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Technology Used In Lessons

Trackman® 3E in every lesson with Steve

Steve is a specialist on utilising Trackman® to the benefit of his clients and has this leading technology available in all of his lessons. With Trackman, Steve is able to fine tune all areas of your game, allowing real time data to provide the basis of making the natural improvements needed to gain those extra yards or bring your scores down.


BodiTrak Golf Pressure Mat

BodiTrak is a world leader in ground force reactions. Using this extraordinary technology, the golfer can now see how they interact with the ground. It shows pressure through the golf swing for left and right side, toe, and heel and the amount of pressure exerted downward. 

HackMotion Golf 3D Wrist Analysis

HackMotion Golf 3D Wrist Analysis

HackMotion wrist sensor makes it easier to measure and optimize your wrist angles to gain better clubface control and more controlled ball flight with smart biofeedback solution. Compatible for full swing, pitching and putting, this nifty device lets you easily track and get feedback during lessons, where you can compare and benchmark swings to previous data or PGA Tour player results.


Video Analysis

Seeing is believing. Most players prefer visual feedback and with the assistance of our TrackMan software we are well equipped to demonstrate any technical issues and show how students are progressing with the recommended swing changes. Each swing is videoed in slow motion and automatically uploaded and ready to be viewed. Each video is complete with all the data TrackMan offers.


CoachNow Platform

CoachNow is an all-in-one platform. All your content, communications, and personal coaching are stored in one in one place. Our clients can use this to post videos of the at the range and on the golf course for our viewing in a golf lesson or with a remote / online coaching package. We manage player development and support our clients with this leading platform.