#StayHome Videos

We have been busy during lockdown creating a resource of free access golf hints and tips videos that you can practice at home!


#PracticeWithPurpose #GetBackToGolf

GOLF TIPS with the team

The 3 Hammers Golf Academy team have been filming Stay At Home drills and tips to aid your practice and keep yourself active during lockdown.

The Basics of Pitching

In our efforts to try and remain positive during these unprecedented times, we will be recording daily videos between now and the end of the lockdown period.

Single Leg Pivot Drill

To follow on from the Pitching Strike Video, this is one of Rob Bluck favourite drills to prevent the dreaded ‘heavy’ shot (ground before the ball).

Chipping Channels

So many requests for chipping, so here we go folks! Here is a fantastic chipping channels challenge 5 Stations, 5 Balls with the objective to pitch (first bounce) in each of the channels.

Pitching Plane Drill

Looking at the direction your club travels for your pitch shots using some simple ‘Football poles’ if you struggle with consistency of strike, distance control or direction, this could really help you.

Crossbar Challenge

Something a little different here. It’s time for the FootGolf Crossbar Challenge. Father V Son and the gloves are off!
Who will have the bragging rights?

The Up Hill Lie

Continuing the Short Game theme Rob Bluck is now tackling the ‘Uphill Lie’ Get some great tips on how you can tackle the slopes and sharpen up your golf game.

The Down Hill Lie

Continuing with the Short Game theme now focusing on those tricky lies. See how 3 Hammers Golf Academy Director Rob Bluck tackles the dreaded ‘Down Hill Lie’

Ball Above The Feet

Continuing the awkward lie theme here’s Rob showing you how you can master the ‘Ball Above Feet’ slope. Simple explanation and hopefully this will knock a few shots of your rounds when we finally get playing again

Swing Direction with Trackman®

Using the magnificent TrackMan® and its key features to educate and demonstrate the importance of Swing Direction. See how this can help to control the club face for improved strike, direction and control.

Strike & Low Point

Rob uses the magnificent TrackMan® and its features including his own screencasts and HD Swing Analysis. An educational short video to help you be more efficient with the way you strike your wedges and irons.

Ball Below The Feet

It’s the dreaded ‘Ball Below The Feet’. In this video see how Rob sets up to tackle this one and gets into a good thought process of attack of this ball.

Rotation Drill

Here’s a great rotation drill from John Cheetham. In this video John gives some great advice on how to prevent the ‘Sway’ which prevents inconsistent golf shots

Strike Drill

Join Steve Thomas in this video as Steve gets creative to explain how you don’t need to hit balls to improve your strike and improve your golf game.

Maintain Posture

Here is a great ‘Practice at home tip’ with John that will help you complete your golf swing by ‘Keeping your chin up’ A really simple yet effective way to get the best from your practice. 

Setting Ball Position

Rob Bluck gives you some fantastic and simple reference points so you can get a real understanding of how it differs with various clubs and how the width of your stance changes.

Work Station

Ingrain good habits by setting up a practice ‘Work Station’. This video Rob explains the importance of this and demonstrates exactly how it should be done.

Check Your Shoulders

Following on from the ‘Work Station’ and the #PracticeWithPurpose message this a great tip from Rob who is focussing on the importance of your shoulder alignment.

Early Extension

Join Rory talking early extension (Pelvis moving towards the ball / Standing up) This one of the most common faults we see with many golfers which leads to very indifferent results.

Short Putting

Bringing you some sound advice to help you with your short putting, Rory takes you through a simple process to ensure you hole more of those important short putts.

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