#StayHome Videos

We have been busy during lockdown creating a resource of free access golf hints and tips videos that you can practice at home!


#PracticeWithPurpose #GetBackToGolf


Challenges, Hints, Tips, Fun & Fitness for all you Junior Golfers from the 3 Hammers Golf Academy team! We have been filming at home so you can practice and keep yourself active during lockdown.

Balance Challenge

Here is a great Family Fun ‘Balance’ Challenge from Rob Bluck and his daughter Leila! They sent this to all their Junior Academy Players who are working their way through The Junior Golf Passport Programme.

Football Throw Ins

Here’s another challenge for all you Junior Golfers.. ‘Football Throws’ A great way to develop coordination, weight transference and balance. Give it a go with a partner can you make 10 passes?

Physical Challenge

It’s time for Press Ups! Can you do 12 press ups? 3 levels depending on current strength (Parent to supervise observe technique and level) Have a go at these to build up through the levels.

Cross Club Challenge

We’re back with our Junior Academy Challenge. This is a tricky challenge that will test your coordination, balance and agility skills and is definitely a favourite for many of our Academy Juniors.

Ladder Challenge

This Ladder Challenge is lots of fun and something we thought we would share with that our ‘Player Squad’ do for fun challenges. Have a go and see if you can get better and better!



Chipping Challenge

This is a great drill and a fun game to play the Chipping ‘Start Direction’ Challenge. This really helps you get in the zone with launch direction which is often overlooked when chipping.

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